Friday, December 18, 2020

Venice Watercolours

 One really enjoyable thing to do in Venice is grab a sandwich and/or a drink, have a seat, and watch life unfold before your eyes. There's usually something to catch your eye, whether it's the delivery guy hauling something by on a dolly, kids playing soccer, or maybe just some older folks stopping to chat. And if you're in one of the campos, perhaps a busker playing some quiet guitar. No matter what your goals are when visiting Venice, be sure to take the time to soak it up. Don't just splash around from site to site, making a nuisance of yourself. Slow down, blend in, have a seat. You'll be richer for it.

Some watercolours from Venice.

A classic Venetian scene
More classic Venice: windows framed by stone decoration.

View of the Doge's Palace and St. Mark's Square from the water.

Another classic view: Maria della Salute from
the Accademia bridge.

View past the Doge's Palace, across the canal
to the Church of San Giorgio.

It doesn't get more classic than this.

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