Thursday, June 25, 2015

Free Book??

Well, progress is as progress does.
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There you can read some of my book reviews, read some excerpts from my book, and if you're in desperate need of free stuff, sign up for the book giveaway for a chance to get my book for free. For real! I even pay the shipping; at least, that's what Goodreads tells me.

Speaking of books, if you didn't catch it above, my book, The Great Year - India Edition is now available. You can get it in two versions, the Budget Traveller version or the Midrange Traveller version. The books are identical in content but the Midrange uses higher quality printing.
Watch the book trailer here (it really is a must see, I think someone said that):

and learn more about the book here:

Now after all that excitement, before you rush off to buy the Budget version, if you live in or around Winnipeg, I'm here to tell you that my publisher is having a sale right now, so I can get books at a bit of a discount. 
So I'm going to order as many Midrange Traveller books as they can fit in a box that's big enough to fit all the orders I get in the next four days. Normally the book is $34.99 plus shipping (which is about ten bucks for one book), but if you act now (and by now, I mean before Monday) you can get the book for $33.00, shipping included! That's a 25.5% savings! Any more savings than that and I would run out of exclamation points on my keyboard!!::... See? It's already happened. 

So, to recap: if you want a book at the low low price of $33.00 and you live in or near the city, shoot me an email, (or send me a tweet, or message me on Facebook (you can try and contact me at Goodreads but I have no idea how the message system works there, so don't try that)), and I will put you down for a Midrange Traveller copy. 
Shipping takes close to two weeks so I will respond to let you know I received your order, and again when the book comes in.

And remember, you can now reach me here:

This has been a very word heavy post, so, pictures!

A two page spread from the book.

Note: All imagery is footnoted in a photo glossary at the back of the book.

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