Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What Does it Take?

I'm biking home yesterday, and I stop at a light (Grant and Harrow, for all you Winnipeggers).
I have a bike lane, so I pull up to thefront. First three cars, the drivers are all texting. First car? A mom texting, kid in a car seat in the back, looking at an iPad.
Are that many people still doing that? Is it getting worse?

Saw a couple women today pushing strollers absent-mindedly, while looking intently at their phones. Kids are going to be messed up if parents look at their phones more than their infant child.

Unrelated to texting, but today in a car park, I pass a car where a parent is dealing with stuff in the hatch while their child introduces their car doors to the car beside them. Parent didn't even look up.

Not sure why I'm so irritable today. I think seeing so many people texting in three thousand pound vehicles while I'm on a bike put me in a sour state of mind.

Maybe one of these days I'll have to join the crowd and get a smart phone so I'll have another reason to go for a drive.

What are the other 10% thinking, I wonder?

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