Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Open Studio Tours

Hey Folks
Just came off a very exciting weekend at Assiniboia Downs in the Manitoba Art Expo.
Thousands of people came through the doors to see an extraordinary mix of visual art. It was very clear  that people love to talk about travel, are mesmerized by large faces, and if I had had published copies of my book I'd be on the Canadian best seller list today. One person paged through all five hundred pages of the book, one page at a time. She is my new best friend.
If I'd had time to take pictures of the event, I'd post them here but I was too busy talking to everyone who stopped by. Thanks to everyone who came out and for helping make it a great success. I'm already looking forward to next year.

In the meantime, the South Osborne Arts Group, or SOAG as we are affectionately known, is holding an open studio tour on December 8th and 9th, 2012. Here's the official blurb:

On December 8th and 9th, the newly established South Osborne Arts Group has organized a studio tour of seven artists in the South Osborne neighbourhood. Glass work, pottery, painting, and photography are the focus of this group. Many of the artists are within walking distance of one another, and as it is December, it has been confirmed that at least one artist's wife will be brewing up some hot apple cranberry cinnamon cider to warm your hands and tummies. This is a great opportunity to step inside a working artist's studio and ask why he has 400 photographs of doors and doorways, what's up with the fascination with faces, or if, in an age of digital and instant and "free," there's still a place for a traditional artist in this world. If you live in the South Osborne area, look for something in your mailbox at the end of November. Here's what's in store for you in the studios.

Colleen Chamberlain

Judy Jennings

Steve Jorgenson

Helen Lyons

Pamela Rayner Moore

Tom Roberts

Reymond Pagé