Saturday, December 29, 2018

Eleven Years Ago Today

Eleven years ago today, Saturday December 29th, 2007, we were "stranded" in the coastal town of Gokarna, India, on the Arabian Sea. We were five months into our incredible journey, and this is what I wrote in the blog on that day.

It was five months ago today that we left home, and thinking about being home is a strange thing. There are no salty beaches there, no ruins. No temples and no sites. There are no cows wandering the streets and no children working in the stores calling out your name. There are no beggars waiting for you outside of restaurants and churches, waiting so that they can show you their affliction or deformity in the hopes that you will take pity on them and give them money. There are no two-thousand-year-old buildings or two-thousand-year-old carvings as large as a city block. There are almost forty times as many people living in Cairo, and more people on the street in front of the Luna Hotel than in all of Winnipeg. There are no pharaohs and no kings, no elephants and no tigers. There are no thirty-degree days in December.*
The extraordinary continues to be revealed to us relentlessly, and there are days here when it seems impossible that any of this is happening, impossible that one day we will be back at home, going back to school and work, back to grocery shopping and meal preparation, summer and winter, friends and family. I wonder if we will be able to grasp the extraordinary in everything we do and see and have.

What a time it was.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Date Minder

Welcome to my latest invention, the Date Minder.
It's a chronological list of the months of the year, including all the days of each month also in chronological order. If that wasn't enough, each of those days is sitting in a little box with enough room to add some important information about that day. Date Minder!
Each month includes a full-colour photo of a fascinating place in our incredible world. But don't let those gorgeous photos overtake the majesty of the Date Minder, an ingenious invention for anyone who has to remember important dates.
Birthdays? Anniversary? Garbage Day?
Date Minder has you covered.
Call today!
2019 Date Minder.
I know it says "calendar" on the cover. No mind. Date Minder. 2019, January to December in the correct order. Nothing like it out there, says Breitbart Shrews.
For order info, head to my website and click the "Contact" button.
Or skip all that and just email me directly! rey @ my web address.
Then tell me you can't survive 2019 without the Date Minder!
Twenty-five bucks solves all your date-related* problems.

8.5 by 11" coil bound, Date Minder opens to 17 by 11", photo on top half, dates on bottom.
Images are full bleed.

*is that ambiguous? In this case, 'date-related' refers to things you might put on your calendar. In case of any discrepancy or confusion (on my part or yours), this guarantee is null and void. That is a guarantee.