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What is there to do in Venice? Oh let me count the ways

My friend Shaleem asked/challenged me to write about 'the very best' that Venice has to offer, and I originally posted my response as a comment on Facebook. It figured that overly long post could use a little more fleshing out with proper visuals. We found Venice to be a fairy-tale city, a magical kind of place. As a result, our list of the 'very best' is a very long list. Here is the short version of the long list. Our flat was in the building to the left of the bridge. 1. Walk everywhere and discover as much as you possibly can in places where tourists don't normally venture. This is right near the entrance to the Grand Canal by St. Mark's Square, so I imagine most people would end up here at some point. But do take the time to walk this stretch in the morning or evening when it's not so busy like above. A sunny day makes it even better. John Cabot's house (for those of you who took a very English high school history class). Castello, east of San Marco

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