Friday, January 6, 2023

Art and IQ

 If you own this type of art, your IQ is off the charts.

Photography - You are grounded in reality, love to see the world up close, and are captivated by the world around you. You possess a keen eye for finding hope in the way that things are, without unnecessary splash and dazzle.

Drawing - Your understanding of the value of labour makes you a patron of the proletariat. You recognize the patience and determination required to create such fine works because you see the finished piece as a reflection of yourself - a bold, strong, working class hero.

Watercolour - The ethereal nature of the medium is a reflection of your inner state of mind, a place of quiet perfection and delicate beauty. Channeling that beauty out and into the greater world will put you top of mind for all those seeking a life guided by human principles.

Acrylic painting - You are part of a forward-thinking group who is not afraid of change, not afraid of something new simply because it is different. This does not mean change at all costs, or throwing the baby out with the bathwater, it’s just the recognition that sometimes something different can be the right call. Knowing where and when to play that hand will keep you at the top of any game.

Oil painting - There is something to be said for centuries-old traditions, and nothing says that more than your appreciation of a good oil painting. Respect and loyalty for those traditions - and history itself - means that you are not doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. This confidence oozes from your pores, and is a beacon to those around you.

Portrait painting - Seeing beauty beyond superficial details is what separates you from the pack. Being able to see beyond what is just represented is a gift from the heavens, and helps you to be the kind of person people love to like. We are much more akin to icebergs than any instagram post would have you believe, so your intuition in this regard is invaluable.

Abstract painting - Your sense of self is not found in likes or hearts, nor in the banal of modern-day consumerism. The eclectic nature of your art collection tells a story that is uniquely yours, while still managing to keep your cards close to your chest. Continue to be yourself to lead the world away from its conspiracy-laden fundamentalists whose thoughts have no thinking behind them, and who therefore speak without saying anything.

Super realism - Seeing the world as it is is a sign of contentedness, not of complacency. It’s a recognition that you understand the world completely, without the need for metaphor and moralizing to bring you to a higher plane of understanding.

Abstract/representational hybrid - You connect to a world beyond its present state, to a future, past, and present all at once. As such, your neural activity seats you in the top 5% of all beings on earth, not just the ones who exert their power for the benefit of self-satisfaction. Careful nurturing of this super-earthling ability will reward you with the worthwhile riches of the many universes you inhabit.

Architecture - You have a deep understanding of volumes and lines, of form and function, and seek a life of structure and foundational truths. These truths will gird your soul for all that this world throws at you, and leave you stronger while others fall. This is the steadfastness from which leaders are born, and will have you repeating that famous mantra of Simpson’s lore: “I am nature’s greatest miracle.”

When you are ready to fully materialize in your true form, find an artist that is right for you. Then slather your walls liberally with their art. You will thank yourself. Nay, all of humanity will thank you for your vision and good taste. The history books will write themselves, while your name be on every page. You do it not for the glory, but for the betterment of the world you inhabit, for the generations that follow (who will sing your praises (though you do not seek nor ask for such devotion)), and to see smiles on the faces of the children.

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