Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Weekend is Over

Well, what a fantastic weekend that was.
Close to a hundred people braved typical mid January temperatures (-30) in early December (normally -10) to take part in the 3rd South Osborne Arts Group studio tours. Lots of scarves and mitts and toques and fogged up glasses were on hand to enjoy a fun weekend of conversation and a glass of hot cranberry apple cider. Well, that is if they could enjoy those kinds of things, they certainly would have.
Sunday proved to be the more popular day in the end as we had a consistent stream of visitors from 12:30 to 6 PM.
Lots of talk of travel, artistic process, history, city development, and of course, the weather throughout the day. I especially enjoy reading people's reactions to my art, what pieces inspire questions, laughs, and further discussion.
It's a tiring weekend but definitely worth it. I really enjoy meeting neighbours that I haven't met before, and love the comment, "It's so cool to see what my neighbour is doing!" or "Who knew that an artist lived here?"
So thanks Winnipeg. Thanks Lord Roberts and Riverview. I love my neighbourhood.