Monday, March 7, 2022

The World's Coolest Human

A prerequisite to reading this article is reading the Esquire article that inspired it, here.
As mentioned in other outlets, I have no intention of making fun of Idris Alba (or anyone who has gotten covid for that matter). It's about how we dress up celebrity in some kind of cloak of invincibility and infallibility in order to sell magazines, and our own writing, I guess.
The inaugural issue of DESPAIR, available at select locations, and at a most unfortunate time in Earth's history.
Also note, there is some salty language that appears here along with the salty Greek waters. If you are one to be impaired by such words, you have been warned. Article titles are based on the original magazine, so if they make no sense to you, that is why.
Enjoy the read, and remember there is a comments section below wherein we can carry on the conversation.

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